We Value Our Partnerships

When it comes to integrating justice systems, we know how to get it done. We have implemented large-scale, multi-year justice integration projects for many states and counties throughout the country. Our client list is characterized by long-term relationships with incremental projects that follow on the heels of successful, initial deployments. We know what it takes to help our clients successfully achieve desired results.

Our portfolio demonstrates just how strong our justice and public safety expertise is:



Maricopa County (Phoenix), Arizona In 2005, URL assisted the County in development of Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) Information Exchange Package Documents (IEPDs).
State of Arkansas(through IJIS Institute) In 2005, we assisted the State of Arkansas’ Integrated Justice project with initial planning activities around governance and stakeholder support for the effort.
Los Angeles County, California In 2005, we conducted an exchange analysis to identify information sharing related to DNA and a requirements analysis for a new DNA Order Tracking System. We assisted County staff in using our modeling software to develop IEPDs to support information exchanges to and from the DNA system. Los Angeles County was a licensee of our suite of software tools.
San Jose Police Department, San Jose California With the San Jose Police Department (SJPD), we have assisted them in identifying system requirements for a Records Management System (RMS) and Automated Field Reporting (AFR) application. From this information, we helped the SJPD create and release a RFP to procure the new system.
In 2008, URL Integration completed a return on investment (ROI) document to justify the costs associated with a new RMS/AFR system, over 10 years.
El Paso County, Colorado URL conducted an analysis of the adult criminal justice and juvenile justice systems in 2003.
Judicial Department, State of Colorado URL provided GJXDM training in 2004.
State of Iowa URL conducted an exchange analysis of the adult criminal justice and juvenile systems in 2002.
In 2005, URL Integration led a team that developed the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) strategic plan, including an assessment of current environment, recommendations for future environment, implementation, and cost estimates.
URL Integration has acted as project manager to establish information exchanges and management protocols for information sharing between the Judicial Branch and law enforcement systems within the Department of Transportation.
In 2007, URL Integration developed IEPD’s and conducted Transaction Processing Analysis for nine priority information exchanges, including Protective Order, Warrant, Arrest Report, Citation, among others.
Since 2008, URL Integration has acted as project manager, systems integrator, and technical advisor to the State of Iowa to oversee the implementation of priority information exchanges and develop requirements and IEPDs for other priority information exchanges.
In 2010, URL – working with its partners in the State of Iowa – launched an initiative to encourage statewide adoption of the National Data Exchange (N-DEx), which is a new program for information sharing and query among law enforcement sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation. See featured client article.
Kalamazoo County, Michigan URL conducted an analysis of the adult criminal justice and juvenile justice systems in 2002.
State of Illinois
(through IJIS Institute)
URL assisted in the review of the State of Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) strategic plan and made recommendations on next steps.
Cook County, Illinois Using our ExchangeModeler tool, we conducted an exchange analysis in 2002. The County incorporated the analysis into the Strategic Plan that it developed in 2005.
In 2006, we worked with Cook County to develop a “Detailed Plan of Action” to outline an implementation strategy, costs, and a timeline for countywide justice integration articulated in their Strategic Plan.
Kane County, Illinois URL is currently conducting an assessment of the Kane County case management infrastructure and will develop a ROI study to identify the costs associated with new case management software in the County. Read more.
Lake County, Illinois URL conducted an exchange analysis of the adult criminal justice, juvenile justice, and civil justice systems in 2002 and 2003.
In 2005 and 2006, URL developed functional requirements and a RFP for a Records Management System/Jail Management System/Computer Aided Dispatch System for the Sheriff’s Office. We were very involved in the RFP review and selection process.
In 2007, URL developed functional requirements and a RFP for a Case Management System for the Public Defender. We also developed functional requirements for a Case Management System for the Probation Department, which the probation agency intends to use in a RFP in 2008.
In 2007, URL completed a proof of concept to demonstrate electronic traffic ticket transmission from law enforcement to the Courts using the exchange analysis and GJXDM conformant schema. This exchange is currently part of the Lake County business process.
URL has implemented projects to develop IEPD’s and conduct Transaction Processing Analysis to support important prosecutor exchanges, court, and sheriff exchanges. URL Integration is currently acting as systems integrator in overseeing the implementation of many of these exchanges.
In 2010, URL began a project with its partners in Lake County, IL to leverage the success of criminal justice information sharing in the civil justice system. Specifically, URL is developing an electronic submissions application to assist private attorneys and pro se filers to submit their civil filing information to the Lake County Clerk of court, as well as pay for the filing and schedule court dates.
McHenry County, Illinois URL conducted an analysis of the adult criminal justice and juvenile justice systems in 2002.
Will County, Illinois URL is currently working with Will County to develop a strategic plan for information sharing. Specific activities include conducting an exchange analysis of among the criminal justice enterprise, assessing the readiness of legacy systems for information sharing, and developing a five-year implementation plan for integration. URL will also implement a proof-of–concept (POC) information exchange between the Will County Circuit Clerk and the Sheriff’s office as a part of this project.
New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation (through IJIS Institute) In 2006, we assisted the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation in beginning initial planning for an integrated justice effort in the post-Katrina environment.
City of New York (contractor to TCS America) In 2004, we mapped elements of the Pre-Sentence Investigation report and other corrections documents to the GJXDM.
State of Vermont In 2005, we conducted an independent review of the State’s proposed solution for a new accident reporting interface project (sharing information among CAD systems statewide and the Department of Transportation).
State of Washington (subcontractor to Online Business Systems) In 2005, we assisted the State by providing governance and planning assistance to Washington State’s Justice Information Network Initiative.
State of Wyoming In 2003, URL modeled justice information exchanges, beginning with criminal citations extending through court disposition.
Corrections of Technology Association (CTA) URL Integration developed functional requirements that model all internal corrections functions in order to develop national functional standards for the corrections domain, using UML diagrams, notations, and vocabulary.
Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS) Institute In 2005, we developed technical XML standards for Prosecutor-related documents that map to the GJXDM, including components for the information (bill of information), Complaint, Indictment and Petition (Juvenile); Warrants, Bonds, Summons; Prosecutor Disposition; and Subpoenas.
In 2006, URL developed technical XML standards for law enforcement-related exchanges that map to the GJXDM, including Alerts, CAD-to-CAD exchanges, and several RMS exchanges, such as Arrest and Booking, Warrants, and Victim Notification, among others.
In 2008 and in conjunction with Tetrus Consulting, we developed a User Guide for the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) standard. This document is a technical, “how to” guide for developer staff in using NIEM.
Currently, URL is part of an IJIS Institute-convened team to develop NIEM- based Service Specifications for important information exchanges.
Law Enforcement Information Technology Standards Council (LEITSC) In 2004 and 2005, we used our software to identify and validate functional requirements for RMS and CAD in order to develop national standards for the law enforcement domain, using UML diagrams, notations, and vocabulary.
National Center for State Courts Beginning in 2006, we have modeled and mapped warrants, sentencing, protection orders, and other documents to the GJXDM. We also updated and validated previously defined functional requirements for the courts community, using UML diagrams, notations, and vocabulary. See http://www.ncsconline.org/d_tech/standards/. NCSC is a licensee of the URL Integration Tool Suite.