Setting the Standard

Founded in 2002, URL Integration is best known for our work in the justice and public safety arena. Since that time, we have fostered close alliances with our clients and have helped many organizations realize the benefits of information integration.

Within the last decade, URL has implemented large-scale, multi-year justice integration projects at both the state and county level. We have been at the forefront of developing national standards to advocate and practice the sharing of information across agencies, including partnering to develop the emerging National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) standard.

Our success rests on our strong project planning and development approach coupled with our adoption of leading edge technologies and standards; such as, Web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA). All of this experience translates into a consulting company with the proven subject matter expertise and technical knowledge to carry out even the most complex information exchange projects.

The benefit to our clients is that our full range of system integration capabilities is augmented with real-world experiences, proven methodologies, justice standards, and best practices that are demonstrated in the breadth, depth, and pragmatic assessments that make up our strategic planning and implementation efforts.

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