Maximize Your Project Success

No matter how small or complex your information exchange project may be, we’ve got what it takes to help you successfully implement your project and successfully achieve desired results. That’s why justice and public safety agencies across the country trust us to plan, manage, and facilitate their most critical information exchange projects.

URL’s certified project management team has the right combination of domain expertise and management acumen to ensure your project’s success. Our attention to detail, our ability to problem solve and broker consensus, and our commitment to a team approach continually results in better planning and management of project costs, dependencies, resources, risks, and scheduling. We have a proven track record working with our client partners to successfully realize project requirements and ensure they are delivered on time and within budget.

Furthermore, at URL our project managers become part of your internal team. We provide the technical guidance, education, and training needed to ensure that everyone – employees, vendors, and partnering agencies – is operating with a shared vision for using the automated information environment to its fullest extent.

URL’s top-notch project management services include:

  • Coordination of multiple participants to develop a common understanding of project initiatives and details,
  • Proactive problem solving and risk management,
  • Definition of measurable objectives and stakeholder expectations,
  • Completion of a documented plan, including costs, dependencies, designated resources, identified risks, and timeframes,
  • Identification of control measures, from beginning to project completion,
  • Arrangement and facilitation of staff, vendor, and partner agency training and knowledge transfer,
  • Ongoing project communications, including project testing and updates.

URL Integration’s Project Management Services (PDF)