Building Your Technical Framework

Exchange architecture is a conceptual description of how the “To-Be” information sharing environment is designed and how information will flow through it. The architecture must reflect and support existing legacy systems that are the backbone for individual information exchanges. It must also identify how those legacy systems are leveraged with other technologies in a service oriented architecture and exchange environment.

Architecting the exchange environment should result in a descriptive and visual plan that helps build the bridge and guide you through implementation – from your current environment to the one that is supported by automated information sharing.

At URL, we’ll apply these design practices to your exchange architecture and take things one step further. We’ll provide you with the information and education that you need to be well-versed and well-informed on relevant standards, security components, and suggested infrastructure requirements. We’ll also leverage best practices and industry standards for justice and public safety environments, including:

Simply put, URL’s exchange architecture services will provide you with the technical blueprint you need to get your information exchange project efficiently transitioned – from design to tangible implementation.

URL Integration’s Exchange Architecture Services (PDF)