Assembling the Essentials

In our experience, developing a deep understanding of the business processes in your enterprise is a critical first step in creating the right justice information sharing strategy and roadmap. We believe that conducting a thorough analysis will ensure that information sharing and automation efforts support and improve workflow, and ultimately will benefit all parties involved.

Analysis is the process of gathering a complete view of your current business and technical environment – “As Is” status. In most cases, this information comes from key stakeholders, subject matter experts, and system owners. This analysis will generate a solid understanding and alignment of both short and long-term business goals and the benefits of your information exchange project.

When you select URL to perform your analysis efforts, we’ll develop documentation and deliverables that follow national standards and translate into development artifacts, including:

  • Functional and detailed “As-Is” documentation that identifies gaps, challenges, and opportunities,
  • Visual map(s) of specific and current information workflow,
  • Specific action steps and priorities of possible solutions for a future state or “To-Be” state.

By incorporating analysis into your information exchange project, you will minimize risks, eliminate obstacles, and streamline integration efforts.

Find out more about our analysis services:

URL Integration’s Analysis Services (PDF)