Developing a Sound and Stable Foundation

When planning your information exchange project – no matter how simple or complex – stakeholders must establish consensus to ensure that each partner’s business needs and processes are supported by the information exchange. Expectations need to be set regarding the information that is going to be exchanged and the conditions under which it will be shared.

That’s why at URL we believe building well-understood vision with planning and communications documents is essential to the success of any information exchange project.

Our strategic planning and governance services allow all agencies involved to:

  • Identify critical business objectives, processes and desired outcomes,
  • Obtain participation and consensus from all key stakeholders, including decision-makers, subject matter experts, and system owners,
  • Create a roadmap for stakeholders from which tactical plans and tangible steps to support implementation can be developed.

The best part, we’ll manage it all – from building the business case for information sharing to strategic documentation of your business and technical requirements.

Our strategic planning and governance services include:

With our strategic planning and governance work, URL combines a unique blend of extensive subject matter expertise, proven methodologies, and industry best practices. We are 100% committed to leading a collaborative effort to help you understand the broad landscape of what exists today and deliver a well-articulated plan and vision for where you need to be tomorrow.

URL Integration’s Strategic Planning and Governance (PDF)